Why Living By The Sea Is Good For You

Not only is living by the sea calmer and more beautiful, it can also promote physical and mental health. Life inland and especially in cities can be polluted, fast paced and stressful. Living on the coast has many benefits to your mind, body and spirit.

It has been proven through research that people living by the sea are generally happier than those in the city. The views of the colour blue actually trigger lower levels of psychological distress and increase a positive feeling.

As coastal towns are generally less polluted and cleaner than inland towns, the air is cleaner and therefore healthier for your body. The fresh air from the sea is good for the lungs and the improved views may increase physical exercise and outdoor activities which improves health and fitness. Eating seafood is also cheaper and easier by the sea, so take advantage of this and yourSet featured image health will improve from all of the important nutrients in fish.

Nursing homes in Worthing and other coastal towns are much better for the elderly compared to inner city care homes. The fresh air, reduced noise levels and views have a positive impact on older people and can help them to relax and enjoy their days.

Similarly, schools are generally better in towns by the sea and children are more relaxed for their studies. Due to the more relaxed atmosphere and friendly feeling between people in coastal areas, children are less likely to be bullied or led astray.


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