Useful Home Maintenance Checklist

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility which is not only financial but includes time and effort to maintain the property. Regular home maintenance will keep the house in excellent condition and will prevent wasted money and time in the future. Most tasks can be done by anyone, especially with some help from the internet, but a handyman or professional may come in useful some of the time. To make sure all the important tasks are being accomplished for a happy home, it is best to create a calendar or checklist to schedule the chores throughout the year.

Every Month

  • Regular cleaning of all interior rooms.
  • Inspect and clean HVAC filters, replace if needed.

Every 3 Months

  • Test smoke detectors and batteries.
  • Run water in unused rooms to prevent grime build up in the pipes.
  • Mow the lawn and water the plants to keep the garden looking good.

Every 6 Months

  • Give home a deep clean including windows, corners, and appliances.
  • Clean exterior including driveway, garden, and roof. Specialists at roof cleaning Surrey will clean the roof and prevent future damage to the roof. Dead plants and weeds should be removed from the garden.
  • Vacuum fridge coils to remove dust and keep it running efficiently.

Every Year

  • Check and clear exterior drainage in gutters.
  • Repair exterior surfaces and repaint if necessary.
  • Inspect roof for damage or leaks and repair.

Check grout in bathrooms and kitchen and repair as needed.

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