Sunday Funday – Where To Go With The Family This Weekend

Are you stuck for ideas for your weekly family outing or planning a special family day out? Forget the petting zoo or the duck pond, think outside the box and consider taking the family somewhere different this weekend, go F1 racing!

While it might initially seem like car racing experiences are the sole domain of Dads and Mums who have a penchant for speed and thrills, F1 simulators offer up a safe and thrilling experience that the younger members of the family can enjoy as well.

Simulators work by mimicking the full motions of a real race car while excellent graphics take ‘drivers’ around a realistic track. It’s kind of like GT on the PlayStation but much more intuitive and involved.

Young driver experiences suit kids who have a minimum height of 1.5 meters and include options such as automatic gear changes so that they can just concentrate on the road. Simulators generally come equipped with the latest in safety measures too, so there’s no need for parents to worry, the ‘driver’ is protected in crashes and accidents.

Ready to find out who is the best driver in the family? Will it be Mum, Dad, or one of the kids? With linked simulators, you’ll be able to race against each other on the same track! An added bonus – end backseat drivers for good, prove yourself on the F1 and silence them forever!



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