Quicker Recovery from a Data Security Breach

When a disruptive security breach hits businesses in the United Kingdom, it can take up to a day or longer to get back to normal operations. Recovering from a security incident is not easy for businesses as it usually comes out of the blue and many companies are unprepared on how to react. As well as operations within the workplace, a business needs to recover from the wider consequences which can include reputational and commercial losses. This can take a lot longer. To prevent these types of losses, a business needs to be fast to react. They must identify and address the issue as fast as possible to ensure a quicker recovery from a data security breach.

Inform Staff and Suspend Operations

As soon as the breach happens, inform all employees and temporarily suspend operations until you figure out what has happened. Then identify the staff members that are responsible for dealing with the issue and let them get to work. It may help to call your IT consultancy services London for help or advice. Isolate all online servers, clouds and accounts where sensitive data is stored.

Find the Source

Locate the source of the breach and then you can find out which information has been accessed. Then collect as much evidence as possible as this is crucial in a future investigation.


The last step before returning to normal operations is to contact the relevant body if sensitive data has been accessed. Follow the regulations to record the incident.

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