Preventing Delays When Shipping Goods

When a business is doing its best to keep every customer happy, the last thing they want is a delayed shipment. In the majority of cases, the item that has been sold is in the delivery company’s hands when the delay occurs, and there isn’t much a business can do about it. Most transport companies in Sussex and nationwide are professional and rarely late, but delays are of course possible which will likely affect the customer’s satisfaction. To avoid this mistake, here are some common causes for shipping delays, and how to prevent them.


There has to be a clear system of communication between every party involved, from the offices where the order was made and the warehouses, to the delivery companies or drivers that will ship the product. A miscommunication of any kind can cause issues and delays.


Incorrect documents such as order confirmations and bills can mess up a delivery if there is a typo or mistake. If an address or customer shipping information is wrong, this can cause huge delays with the delivery, so make sure all documentation is accurate.



A company that delivers should have an efficient system to organise the shipping. If this system is automatic, it can be easy to overlook inefficiencies. Make sure to check the system every now and again to ensure it is working efficiently so the shipments are out of the door in time. 

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