Dream Weddings that will last a lifetime!

Now that you are engaged, don’t you think it’s time to hear those wedding bells jingling, right girl? And you can’t wait! Plus the fact that it occurred in the spur of the moment makes you want to tie your man down before he starts having second thoughts (you know how these men are). So you’ve been looking for the ideal wedding venue, but it seems that other couples beat you to them. (ugh, so annoying!)They are all booked to capacity!

Lucky for you, there’s one fine gem available at Dean’s place hotel, a perfect wedding venue in east Sussex! And with such amazing discounted rates on some of its packages, you wonder how you never discovered it in the first place! And we’re not talking about some mediocre discount like most wedding venues, but 10% off. Wouldn’t you call that a deal of a lifetime?

And if you’re the kind of girl who sees bespoke as her bread and butter, then there are bespoke wedding packages available too! But what if I’m the kind of girl who loves to bring my fantasies to life?  You definitely can! With scenery akin to the lovely places you once dreamt of as a little girl, you can have a wedding more magical than Snow White and her prince charming! A place where your family, friends, and colleagues can marvel at the spectacular scenery while celebrating such an amazing event in your life!


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