Best Craft Ideas For Nursing Homes

Arts and crafts are a great outlet for anyone to enjoy, relax and have fun with. In nursing homes, one of the carers jobs in Worthing is to help give great ideas for residents to keep them interacting with one another while having fun at the same time. Craft is a great place to start. Here’s some arts and craft ideas to help get you started.

  1. Sewing – The first thing that you can consider is sewing at the nursing home. Incorporating sewing projects into the daily activities list will allow people to make all sorts of different things with their hand.
  2. Painting – Finger painting or ordinary painting is another great thing that can appeal to all including men and women. Getting bright coloured paints and large sheets of paper, the possibilities are endless for your residents.
  3. Leather Crafts – Leather crafts are ideal for men who would like to try their hands at making coin purses, wallets and other items. Not only is it great as a physical activity but as a cognitive one as well.
  4. Holiday Ornaments – Holiday ornaments are also great for those who love the holiday seasons. Making Santa’s, cutting out pumpkins or anything else you can think of will help get everyone into the spirit of things.


When it comes to getting your nursing home residents active, these are just some great things to help get you started. So are you ready to try any of these at your nursing home?

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