A Beginner’s Guide to Media Buying

Smart media buying is complicated if the tricks to trade are not unknown, but it is important to get the best deal so there is more advertising time for the lowest price. Although it can seem complicated, there are some steps that can be taken to make sure the media buying is conducted in the right way.

  • Begin by indentifying the target market the business is aiming for with brand awareness and sales.
  • Then research this target market. Find out which kind of media they use the most, so the advertisements will reach them.
  • Set the marketing objectives and what achievements are expected from this marketing strategy. Depending if the goals are higher sales or simply increased awareness, make sure the media buy will be worth it.
  • Once these steps have all been defined, it is time to come up with a strategy. This should include the budget, which types of media are wanted and where it will be bought from. The more details in the plan, the better.
  • The strategy must be executed once it is complete. Begin by contacting media outlets and finding out information on prices, times and dates. Rates should be negotiated to fit the budget.

More often than not it can be beneficial to work with a digital media agency who can offer advice and have experience with the media industry. They can get you the best deals to reach the target audience and save money all at the same time.

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