5 Safe Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

Drivers of large vehicles can be more at risk of accidents for a variety of reasons, so that’s why they need to be more aware and focused on safe driving. There can often be a lot of pressure on a truck driver to be on time, drive in difficult areas or to drive for a long amount of time, but safe driving must always come first. Here are 5 safe driving tips for truck drivers to stay out of harm’s way:

  1. Be Alert

Of course being alert is important for any driver, but even more so for drivers of large vehicles. A driver must be constantly aware of everything around them so they can act accordingly, especially at night and in bad weather. If a driver finds it hard to concentrate or feels tired, taking a break is a must.

  1. Leave Space

Trucks must keep plenty of space between them and the vehicle in front so there is time to slow down if necessary.

  1. Check the Weather

Drivers must always check the weather reports before leaving their destination. Driving in bad weather can be dangerous for all vehicles but even more for trucks.

  1. Use Mirrors and Cameras

The mirrors and cameras on a truck will allow the driver to see everything that is happening around the vehicle. A birds eye view camera system is a great way to see all around the truck for easier manoeuvring.

  1. Use GPS

Using a specially designed truckers GPS will help with vital driving information such as when to change lanes, upcoming exits, distances and traffic reports.

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