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How MEP Consultants Can Help Your Building Project

MEP consultants specialise in Mechanical, Engineering and Plumbing services. MEP consultants coordinate all the building services and disciplines in an organized fashion. Your typical MEP team is comprised of your consultant, of course, along with a contractor, subcontractors, an installation squad, fabricators, and a specialist for maintenance. Bringing a project to life with a specialised MEP team starts with the…

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Dream Weddings that will last a lifetime!

Now that you are engaged, don’t you think it’s time to hear those wedding bells jingling, right girl? And you can’t wait! Plus the fact that it occurred in the spur of the moment makes you want to tie your man down before he starts having second thoughts (you know how these men are). So you’ve been looking for the…

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Quicker Recovery from a Data Security Breach

When a disruptive security breach hits businesses in the United Kingdom, it can take up to a day or longer to get back to normal operations. Recovering from a security incident is not easy for businesses as it usually comes out of the blue and many companies are unprepared on how to react. As well as operations within the workplace,…

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